We’re about one month out from the 5th anniversary of the creation of the SuperFogeys. Crazy, right? It was impressed upon me the need to celebrate this fact. I say: let’s do it.

Here’s what I’m thinking:


I’m looking for artists to help chart the course the SuperFogeys have taken in the past 5 years. There are 11 1/2 chapters in the Valhalla saga so far and I think it would be a lot of fun to see those chapters retold in YOUR style and in the way YOU wanna do it. A little montage recap, if you will.

What’s the format? Doesn’t matter. 4-panel strip. Full comic book page. Double-sized strip…whatever you wanna do.  Have fun with it. Wanna do a parody of what I did? Go for it! Wanna retell the story as a noir or a fantasty or put all the Fogeys in diapers? Up to you! Go nuts.

This is gonna take a certain amount of skill (which is why, if you’re not real confident about your art skills, I have a way for writers to contribute below) and I’d hate for any two people to do the same chapter, so here’s how this will work:

If you’d like to participate, please email me right away at bwhheasley (at) gmail (dot) com with the number and name of the Chapter you’d like to tackle. First come, first serve.

You have a whole month to do this. All chapter recaps are due Tuesday, September 20th. The official 5th anniversary is September 22nd and the celebration starts then with each recap rolling out one at a time on each weekday until they’re done. I think these could be a lot of fun and will be a great (although slightly bizarre) resource for new readers.

The only real rules are to keep harsh language, bloody violence and nudity out of it. Be sure and check out the Story page for a list of chapters and their brief descriptions to refresh your memory!

UPDATE - Here are the specs: 900 pixels wide (height is up to you) and at least 72 dpi.

UPDATE 2 - The requests are coming in and I’ve gotten some for SFO stories. Just to be totally clear, I’m looking for short recaps for VALHALLA-era stories, meaning chapters 1-12. If that doesn’t appeal to you at all and you really, really want to do one of the SFO stories, of course I will make an exception. But I just wanted to make sure everyone is clear on how this is supposed to work. Theoretically, if I can get an artist for each one of the 12 chapters (with the 12th being a particularly fun chapter because it’s not finished yet–you get to make up your own ending!), then a person could read them all in a row and get a whacked out version of the overall SF story thus far. Fun, right? Sorry for not being clear on this earlier.

UPDATE 3 - I’ve also been asked if a recap can run for multiple days. The answer is: no, not really. The recap can be as long or as short as you want, but it will all run on the same day. Any other questions, hit me up in the comments below or on email.


Can’t draw a stick figure to save your life? Way more comfortable with a keyboard than a pencil? Try this on for size:

I’m looking for short essays about the SuperFogeys to post in the blog. The essays should make some attempt to reflect on the past five years, but other than that they can be just about anything and strike whatever tone suits you. They could be humorous, serious, academic, spirtual–whatever.

Tell us about your Top 10 favorite moments in SuperFogeys history (I could read Top 10 lists all day), or who your favorite character is and why. Tell us about a key moment in the story that hooked you or discuss the psychology of Jerry. Tell us why you think the character of Mega Matt endures despite not appearing in the strip for a couple years now. Tell us your version of where SuperFogeys goes from here or…whatever. The possibilities are endless.

Length doesn’t matter. Subject doesn’t matter. Just don’t include any harsh language and keep it clean.

Entries can be emailed to me at bwhheasley (at) gmail (dot) com. Deadline is Tuesday, September 20th.


As my own way of commemorating the 5th Anniversary, I’ll be drawing up a special print featuring all of the major SF characters. (If you guys dig it, I may put the prints up for sale for a righteous price.) But, if you participate as either a writer or an artist in the SuperFogeys 5th Anniversary Celebration, your name goes into a drawing to win the ORIGINAL art for the print.

As you all know, drawing the SuperFogeys is something I rarely do anymore, so this will be pretty special.

Everyone is free to submit as many essays and chapter recaps as they wish, but only one entry per person. Sound good?

Do it! Do it now!



This just in: now you could win three times the prizes for participating in the SuperFogeys 5th Anniversary Celebration!

I talked with Marc Lapierre and between us we found a way to sweeten the pot a little. In addition to the original art for a special 5th Anniversary SuperFogeys print I’ll be drawing solo, you could also receive:

- An original “lunchtime” sketch by SuperFogeys artist Marc Lapierre (subject of your choosing!)

- A cameo in the current chapter of the SuperFogeys. (Your likeness will be drawn by Marc to appear in the strip–and I’ll even put words in your mouth!)

3 prizes. One winner. Who wants in?