Michelle brings a flavor the Fogeys have been missing ever since Swifty went on his time-traveling journey. She almost stands outside the narrative and can see things the others don’t. And she’s got the expertise to back up her perspective. We’ve been slow to get to know her, but I have to say I have a lot of fun writing her. She pretty much speaks for the reader at this point, doesn’t she?


For those of you interested in such things, I’ve published a few blogs over the last few weeks that you might find interesting. I can’t recall if I’ve already mentioned this to all of you, but a few months back I created a new symbol to represent the Christian faith. People went bonkers for it. Now, I’m trying to turn that symbol into something much greater than a simple sketch.

I’ve written three short blogs on this process so far, and you can read them at the links:

The Empty Tomb: “Why Can’t There Be a Symbol of the Living Christ?”

The Empty Tomb: Putting the Symbol Out Into the World

The Empty Tomb: Bringing the Symbol to Life with the First Prototype

See you on Monday with 664 – “Too Old to Drive”