There’s a little bit of an info drop in that first panel, but forget about that BECAUSE HOLY CRUD THAT SECOND PANEL! The only bad thing about it is it’s so small. Marc draws battles and combat as good as the best and he did not disappoint here. The new coloring technique he’s been using lately (notice the rim highlighting) only enhances it further. This is a very cool strip.

Great discussion and rampant speculation in the comments under the past two strips. I’m chiming in here and there, but the thing I’ve always loved about comics (and that I know a lot of you do, too)–especially superhero comics–is how it engages like few other mediums. I dream when I read comics. I create, right along with the illustrator and the writer.

My favorite comics growing up were those written and drawn by John Byrne. Byrne was great about weaving these massive sagas filled with twists and turns and setups and payoffs that really tapped into the mythology of the characters. His run on Avengers West Coast was a particular favorite, especially the storyline about the Original Human Torch coming back, completely subverting the then accepted origin of the Vision that stated he had been made from the spare parts of the OHT. I was so engaged by the story that I even wrote a fan letter (my only one) in which I tapped into my slight knowledge of Golden Age comics to show Byrne I had anticipated his every move and knew exactly where he was headed and what the explanation was for the OHT and Vision existing side-by-side. I don’t know if Byrne ever read it, but I’m guessing he got a good laugh if he did. My letter never saw print, but I was dang proud of it and was sure I was either right or that Byrne would think it was so brilliant he’d be forced to use my version. I, of course, was wrong and he, of course, did not.

Next Week: The battle continues and someone gets captured!