Hel, the opposite of Valhalla. You first went inside it here. And then you saw the outside. And, of course, Gene worked there. Now, it’s a day spa. Makes sense, right?

A lot’s changed in a year. Zurida’s in charge of (most of) The United States. Soviet Sam wears an eye patch. Spy Gal got a haircut. We’re just scratching the surface here, folks. The changes go a lot deeper. Some of these changes will be revealed by way of fleeting mentions and then you’ll see more on it later, and some changes won’t be revealed until they’re staring you right in the face. That’s part of the fun. Can you piece together what happened during the missing year?

Not that you have to. My goal is to make it all the sleuthing an extra. All you really need to read SuperFogeys and enjoy it is a love for flawed characters and crazy superhero stuff. We’re all down for that, right?

GIANT kudos to Marc. He’s meeting the challenge of One Year Later in a way that’s taking his art, once again, to a whole new level. Rebuilding a new world requires a fair bit of extra work, and I’m so grateful he’s gladly meeting the challenge. If you’re a fan of The SuperFogeys on Facebook then you’ve probably already seen Marc’s first sketches of the new Soviet Sam and Spy Gal. If you’re not a fan of SuperFogeys on Facebook, well, that just seems wrong. Fix it!