In case you missed it last week…

The SuperFogeys Adventure Game by Team Frog Studios -- Kicktraq Mini

157% funded! Huge, HUGE thanks to everyone for stepping up and supporting this project! I put the call out and you answered in a big way. Now, I hope we can start making some other cool stuff for you. More details as I know ‘em. Talks are already underway.

Today’s strip plays out as animation in my head. Tangerine’s aside, Percy’s dust cloud… I can just see this thing in my head. Can you? I’ll also say that this little group of strips (the few previous and the next few) don’t work very well separately. But, given how big big this story has gotten and how much archive diving goes on around here, I know that’s increasingly less important. I still like to think the strip is accessible, but maybe you’ll say otherwise.

Guest Strippin’ Xmas Four (or is it Five?) is just a few weeks away! I’ll have a more formal blog post up later this week with all the details, but I wanted to give the heads up now so those of you who want to participate can start generating some ideas.