372 – She’s His Sister

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  1. Dierna

    Yes… sister… a rather uh close family that one.

    Is that cop actually gonna give the giant robot a ticket??

  2. Tyler Heasley
    Tyler Heasley

    Eye popping in SF? Not something I’ve seen before, I think. But if it’s going to happen, it might as well happen to a Vegas cop.

    But wait…what has that cop been doing this whole time? Did he not notice a giant robot terrorizing the city? THAT’s the question we need answered in the next strip. More Vegas cop!! More Vegas cop!! More Vegas cop!!

  3. gnrrrg

    OK, the cops don’t pull you over just for having a child in the car. You, sir, were doing something very non-family and non-nun with that child.

    And the cop’s got vim chasing down that robot like that.

    And Dr. Rocket’s got some mad tech skills if the robot is still walking about after Star Maiden busted it up.

  4. Scott

    @gnrrg: The robot’s got a super power source. Star Maiden only succeeded into turning it from a donut to a C-Bot. And cookie cookie cookie starts with “C”!

    Also, Gene’s not out of trouble by a long shot. Spy Gal is going to make sure he gets his.

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