One of the traditions I have when traveling through Vegas (because I very rarely travel TO Vegas–in fact I can only think of one time I’ve ever done that, and it was for a girl [now THAT'S a long story...]) is to stop at this hotel/casino that’s on just the other side of the California/Nevada border–but about 30 minutes away from Las Vegas itself. Laced all throughout the hotel and outside of it is this roller coaster that, at one point, reaches this crazy height. It’s a lot of fun and riding it is just a bizarro experience. I mean, you’re zipping in and around a casino. I’m sure there are coasters in other casinos closer to the Strip, but I’m not as much a fan of the strip.

In a lot of ways, though I’m no communist, I’m a lot more like Soviet Sam. If I spend time in Vegas I’ve gotta find something to do that doesn’t involve gambling. However, I can’t say I’ve ever had to get on the coaster with the weight of someone reminding me I’ve killed someone on my shoulders. I mean, that’s harsh. Seriously, Soviet Sam is just the saddest of sacks.

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