Without any speedlines or sound fx, Cory Thomas has perfectly captured Spy Gal’s journey downward to the door to the unseen person who speaks the first words of this up-til-now silent tale. That’s quite the feat. Hats off to you, Cory. Can’t wait to see what you do with the last page.

The last page? Yep! Spy Gal’s Secret Mission wraps up next week! I can promise many a revelation, including who is speaking at the end of this page and what Spy Gal is doing there in the first place. Plus…a big surprise for those well-versed in SuperFogeys Origins mythology.


August promises to be the biggest month in the history of the SuperFogeys and I’m double the amount of SuperFogeys updates accordingly. Here’s the updated schedule:

Thursday, Aug. 5 – SF 268

Monday, Aug. 9 – SF 269

Tuesday, Aug. 10 – SF Origins: Spy Gal’s Secret Mission, pg. 4 (final page)

Thursday, Aug. 12 – SF 270

Monday, Aug. 16 – SF 271

Tuesday, Aug. 17 – SF Origins: Baby Swifty’s First Words, pg. 1

Wednesday Aug. 18 – SF 272

Thursday, Aug. 19 – SF 273 (The end of Chapter 9, Head Games)

Monday, Aug. 23 – SF Origins: Baby Swifty’s First Words, pg. 2

Tuesday, Aug. 24 – To Be Announced

Wednesday, Aug. 25 – TBA

Thursday, Aug. 26 – TBA

Friday, Aug. 27 – TBA

Saturday, Aug. 28 – TBA

Sunday, Aug. 29 – TBA

Tuesday, Aug. 31 – SF Origins: Spy Gal, pg. 1

Your eyes do not deceive you. You will get two regular edition SuperFogeys updated before the next SFO. Pretty cool, right?


I think saying something is “to be announced” gets peoples’ hopes up for something really special and I’ve already been hearing about how people “can’t wait” to see what the last week in August will bring. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be very, very cool…but it will be material familiar to some of you already as I’ll be publishing online for the first time a story that has previously only appeared in print. My hope is that, even for those who have it already on their bookshelf, it will be fun to revisit and discuss this story properly for the first time.


Also as part of the August SF Events, I’m making myself available for interviews and have two scheduled so far.

On Tuesday, Aug. 17th, I’ll be talking to Kurt Sasso over at TGT Webcomics about the current state of affairs with SF. Kurt does his interviews over Talk Shoe which allows anyone to listen in live and participate via chat. We’re specifically making this a call-in show so that any of you SuperFans who’d like to participate will able to. Open mike, people. Should be fun!

Then, on Thursday, Aug. 19th, I’ll be recording an interview with Tom Racine at Tall Tale Radio. This will be a “Chapter 9 Post Mortem Show” in which Tom and I will really dig into the revelations that will have hit earlier that day. No call-in or chat with this one and it will be posted the following week.

Much more to come, I’m sure! I’ll keep you posted.

See you on Thursday with SuperFogeys 268!